The Self Leadership Global Family

What We Believe

Our Vision

We envision a world where every man, woman and child lives a life of Self Leadership.

Our Mission

We empower individuals to live lives of Self Leadership through mentorship & transformational experiences.

Our Values

We value Self Leadership, Love, Community, Connection, and Simplicity.

Meet the Team


KellyAnne Zielinski

Chief Executive Officer

KellyAnne is an author, leadership mentor, and former school teacher of seven years. KellyAnne holds a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education, including Childhood Education & Students with Disabilities (Grades 1-6) from State University of New York College at Buffalo. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science in Literacy from Medaille College. Her passion includes sharing easily applicable strategies, tips and techniques to ignite creativity, self leadership, influence, and freedom in the lives of others for the betterment of the world.

Laura Spandrio

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Spandrio has over 20 years accounting experience in the real estate, construction, manufacturing, and service industries. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Colorado State University.

Laura also is the owner of an accounting firm called Secure Accounting Solution. She is passionate about assisting businesses build and maintain their accounting systems. She also loves to show business owners how to quickly and efficiently keep up on their accounting functions so they can be more informed as to the financial health of their business.

Our Community

The Self Leadership Global Community began our respective careers in different cities and industries, but that did not keep our hearts from connecting towards a common mission. Since 2013 our team has organically expanded with a shared vision of every man, woman, and child living a life of Self Leadership.

You see, the leadership status quo in the world was not good enough for our change- making hearts and minds.

As a result, we have taken the golden nuggets from traditional leadership and gone deeper. After almost a decade of research, numerous interviews, and countless conversations, the core of the most effective leaders in history was revealed and developed into our signature Unabridged Leadership Methodology™.

The result... a ripple effect of Self Leadership.

The Self Leadership Global Community now utilizes our time developing connected, collaborative, self-led leaders who have become role models in our homes, schools, businesses and government.

What was once considered to be a society of disconnect, chaos, uncertainty, and fear has begun to be transformed by Self Leaders with a massive ripple effect.

So the only question left is, will you be a part of the ripple effect?


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